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You're welcome to contact Dr. Watson via telephone or email for an brief initial free consultation.  Typically this involves up to a 10 minute discussion.  If further information is required and or an immediate referral can not be made for someone local in your area, a formal consultation and or initial session may be required. This fee typically is $250 and the educational consultation will last approximately one hour. 

The hourly rate for treatment varies upon income level, number of family members, insurance availability and ability to pay.  The hourly fee may range from $250 per hour to $0 per hour (for local individuals), and enhanced daily rates are approximately $1,700 per 8-10 hour day (i.e. whereby, Dr. Watson travels to you and works with the patient in their community, home, or other setting). Other fees involved in Dr. Watson coming to you may include (e.g. $600 flights, $200 hotel per night, $75 auto travel per day).  Thus, a typical 3 day enhanced treatment consultation and assessment may cost approximately $5,500. 

Typical in clinic treatment sessions tend to be 50 minutes; however, when working with more severe disorders, it is not uncommon for sessions to be tailored for longer time frames (i.e. following Open Dialog Approach and combined with behavioral interventions and analytical models of "frame" keeping). Dr. Watson is listed with the National Register -  Clinical Psychologists, and most insurance carriers are accepted. Dr. Watson does not accept "State", Medicaid or Medicare insurance. Dr. Watson can provide you with an invoice upon request. 

The hourly rate $250 per hour typical for forensic work.  

The hourly rate for psychological testing, examinations, case reviews, and forensic work varies greatly and depends upon the nature of the tests, work, location and follow-up services needed.  Dr. Watson will often outline the scope of the work following a consultation, whereby, an agreed upon "flat rate" or "not to exceed" amount will be agreed upon with the interested party.  Some of the evaluations and work may include:


     * Court ordered commitment and  forced orders to treat examinations, reports and testimony.

     * Potential for harm, risk and competency examinations, reports and testimony.

     * Anger management and domestic violence examinations, reports and testimony.

     * Psycho-social, intellectual, projective, personality, and intellectual testing, with reports and testimony.

     *  Neurological screening examinations, reports and testimony.

     * Treatment Needs and Planning reviews and consultations.
     * Custody placement reviews, with reports and testimony.

     * Potential for malpractice reviews

     * Expert testimony related to psychotropic medication usage, benefit and harm, as relating to peer                            reviewed research for optimal treatment outcome.

Dr. Watson has been successful at informing the courts and counsel for approximately 20 years, often regarding optimal treatment interventions as they relate to using and not using psychotropic medications, using or not using forced orders for treatment, and upon risk assessment.  He has never been disqualified as an expert witness, and provides consultation, written and oral testimony, and services throughout the United States. 

Call Dr. Watson directly at 920-918-7377.


Professional treatment time will be billed for at the above rates per 50 minute session, whereas, all other hourly rates are per 60 minutes. This includes emails, writing reports or letters on your behalf, insurance billing, and for all legal or forensic matters.  Billing will occur for any time greater than 10 minutes, and will be billed in quarterly hour blocks.

Full payment is due at the beginning of each session unless otherwise specifically agreed upon in writing. Clients are responsible for full payment regardless of whether their insurance carrier makes payment on their behalf or if they are dissatisfied with psychological conclusions, recommendations or legal outcomes (i.e. no refunds).

We will make every attempt to protect your confidentiality. However, your health insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance company, and we are not party to that contract nor can ensure confidentiality once information is provided to them. You will be given information about confidentiality once a formal agreement for services is reached (See The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA; Pub.L. 104–191, 110 Stat. 1936, enacted August 21, 1996).

Clients are encouraged on setting weekly agreed upon time for services. If clients can not arrange their schedule to fit a agreed upon weekly times a floating appointment can be made; however, Dr. Watson has a 12 hour cancellation policy whereby if you do not provide 12 hours notice when canceling, you may incur a $50 unfulfilled session fee. Insurance carriers customarily do not pay for missed appointments.

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