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V.I.P. was originally developed by Dr. Watson's friend and colleauge:

Richard Shulman, Ph.D.
CT Licensed Psychologist, Director
Volunteers In Psychotherapy, Inc.
7 South Main Street
West Hartford, CT 06107
*(860) 233-5115

Unfortunately, not all children are lovingly embraced. Tragically one out of every three children suffer severe and prolonged physical emotional or sexual abuse by age eighteen.  Many others are victims of violent crimes. 

These children, their trust and innocence violated, begin their lives overwhelmed with fear, anger and depression. Many will turn to drugs and alcohol, others to violence - often as members of street gangs. Still others will become another statistic in one of the leading cause of death among our teenagers - suicide! 

However, there is hope for these children.  There is R.E.A.Ch. V.I.P. - Recovery for Emotionally Abused Children– Volunteers in Psychotherapy.   R.E.A.Ch. sponsors treatment for these individuals through comprehensive community - based treatment programs with Dr. Watson- via Associated Psychological Health Services and other therapists throughout Sheboygan area.  R.E.A.Ch. programs in CA and WI have provided hundreds of thousands of dollars in service to children and their Families.  

R.E.A.Ch.- is a was created originally by Dr. Kevin McCready, PhD, in Fresno, CA, and later the Sheboygan R.E.A.Ch. program combined with the V.I.P. program (See below).   Since 1992, R.E.A.Ch. V.I.P.  have helped to fill the gap between the minimal services provided by insurance and/or public assistance and the care actually needed for these children.  R.E.A.Ch. V.I.P. enables abused children and adults abused as children the opportunity, to heal their wounds -and begin to live again as physically, emotionally and spiritually complete human beings. 

R.E.A.Ch.- integrates a V.I.P. (Volunteers In Psychotherapy) program, whereby anyone who receives funds must in turn donate 2 hours of their time to any other local nonprofit.  The R.E.A.Ch. client receives from the community and in turn, gives back to the community.  It is not charity, but a mutually beneficial partnership between client, therapist and community.   You Can Help!  R.E.A.Ch. looks for therapist and mentors willing to donate their time to see these children, mentor them, and help sponsor their activities.  Likewise, R.E.A.Ch. needs your help with providing places for children and or their parents to donate time.  If you have a nonprofit organization that needs help, please let us know.  If you would like more information about VIP and would like to become more involved with VIP programming, please contact Dr. Watson at 920-918-7377, or Dr. Shulman below.


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