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Dr. Toby Watson, PsyD, Clinical  Psychologist
Lic.# WI-2563-057
National Register of Health Care Providers: 2006 
Dr. Watson is in compliance with all Wisconsin Mental Health Regulations and State Statues.  


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A person suffering from psychological or behavioral problems has been emotionally wounded, violated and or not provided the unique sensitivity and skill set required for their particular emotional or educational experience and sensitive antenna. For every individual struggling with attention, behavioral inappropriateness, anxiety, sadness or poor thought control, there is a unique and meaningful explanation that needs to be explored and cultivated.

True healing comes from restoring and renewing the things that define and reflect our humanity, such as intimacy, community, art, music, patience, spirituality and play. Often adults need to recognize sensitivities and skill set lapses that were conditioned. More often in our society, we need to be patient and allow the growth and change to happen with a natural growth process that is guided.   

Dr. Watson is trained as an analytical and behavioral clinical psychologist, with specific training and expertise related to critically analyzing mental health research as it applies to the clinical practice.  He has expertise at working with severe disorders and pathology, and is an expert sought out both nationally and internationally for his knowledge about best evidence based practices as it relates to the usage and often misuse of psychotropic medications.  He both provides treatment, consultation, court testimony and a full range of diagnostic evaluations. 

Dr. Watson provides services throughout the United States and abroad, often focusing upon an individual's wish and right to be treated without the use and reliance upon psychiatric medications.  For this reason, he can often foster a working alliance with patients often labeled "treatment resistant" and or "non-compliant".  He welcomes agency referrals for their most difficult patients.  He also works openly with individuals electing to use psychotropic medications.

Although Dr. Watson is quite critical of psychotropic medications and understands the harm these medications can cause for many, as described via the research summery links above, he also is able to see how such medications and intervention can be helpful and life saving for others.  He holds no religious or other forced aversion to a patient's wish to use or not use such intervention, and understands that taking drugs can be very successful and dangerous for controlling thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Dr. Watson specializes in fundamental long lasting psychological treatment...

not chemical control.